Aurélie Salmon

French Illustrator based in Amsterdam

After graduating in fashion design at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris, I studied painting in the Fine Arts school of Milan for one year.

By then, my sister Delphine and I were already working on the outlines of a home decoration shop. In April 2003 we opened « Les Fourmis roses » (« the pink ants ») in Paris.

I divided my time between the shop and my work as an illustrator.

To answer the growing demand for my illustrations, I decided to completely focus on this passion. Though isn’t ‘completely’ true. My two girls inspired me to launch a brand of fabric bags. By now, « Judith & Pénélope » stands for a variety of fabrics accessories, like cushions, aprons, pen cases and bags.

In 2014, I moved to Amsterdam with my husband and my kids.


My work is a reflection of the things I love :
Vivid colours, good laughs, red mullet, gardening, tea, board games, thriller books, vintage furniture, chocolate, graphic pattern, cheese and baguette, walking in Paris and biking in Amsterdam and so many other things…





Elle, Marie France, Votre Beauté, Psychologies (french, spanish and russian editions), International Herald Tribune, Version femina, M6 (French television), Edition Trédaniel, Athmosphère, 9 mois, Maman, Canal Dutch, Amsterdam vélo, Ready4Expat, Darjeeling lingerie…